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Wood Sheathing to Cold Formed Steel
Wood Sheathing to > 68mil (14ga) Steel
Gypsum Sheathing
Stucco Lath
Vinyl Siding
Fiber Cement Siding
Interior Drywall
Molding & Trim
Hardwood Flooring
Model 110A
Model 210
Model 500
Model 500M
Model 510
Model 610
Model 900


Wood-based panel applications
"Plywood deck diaphragms & shear walls attached with ET&F pneumatic fasteners", ICC ES Legacy Report ER-4144

"ET&F Panelfast® Knurled AGS-100 Series Pins" used to attache wood-structural-panel sheathing to cold-formed steel framing in shear wall assemblies used to resist wind or seismic loads, ICC ES Report ESR-1777

"Reversed Cyclic Performance of Shear Walls with Wood Panels Attached to Cold-Formed Steel with Pins", ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, August 2009

"Pneumatically driven pins for wood based panel attachment", CFSEI TechNote F300-09

"Diaphragm design with pneumatically driven pins", LGSEA Tech Note 561c

Gypsum-based sheathing applications
"Panelfast® pneumatic fasteners used to attach sheathing to metal studs", ICC ESR-2398 Report

"Negative load test, nominal 4'x8' gypsum based panels, ET&F pneumatic pins AGS-100-0150", Intertech Testing, Inc.

"Comparative analysis and engineering calculations for AGS-100-150 fasteners", W.W. Schaeffer Engineering & Consulting, P.A.

"A clarification of Georgia-Pacific's metal stud fastening requirements for Dens-Glass Gold sheathing", G-P Gypsum Corporation

Siding applications
"Hardie Panel® Siding, HardiFlex® Siding and HardiTex® Baseboard", ICC ES Report ESR-1844

"HardiShingle™ Panels, HardiPlank™ Lap Siding, and HardiShingle™ Individual Shingles", ICC ES Report ESR-2290

"HardiShingle™ Panels, HardiPlank™ Lap Siding, and HardiShingle™ Individual Shingles", ICC ES Report ESR-2290

Interior drywall
"ASTM C 514-01, Standard Specification for Nails for the Application of Gypsum Board", with comparative analysis for ET&F ADW series pins.

Fastener corrosion
"Fastener Corrosion", LGSEA Tech Note 560-b5

"Specification for Aericote 1000 polymer coating"





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